Scanned Photographs

This webpage provides a digital rendering of various old photographs that were scanned.  Due to the nature of the source material, the quality of the digital product is, in many cases, less than ideal. YES – I do know that the order in which the pictures are presented are, in many cases, not the exact chronological order.   All I can say is: “Sorry!”



Various Sources John & Connie: ’41-‘46 John & Connie: ’78–‘79 Jack’s Photos 1988: Czech Republic
John & Connie: ’46-‘56 John & Connie: ’79–‘80 Sue’s Photos 1996: Atlanta Olympics
John & Connie: ’55-‘69 John & Connie: ’80–‘81 1997: Scotland
Dobbin Family Photos John & Connie: ’69-‘74 John & Connie: ’81–‘84 Family ‘Baby’ Books
John & Connie: ’74-‘77
Allender Family – Book 1 John & Connie: ’77-‘78 Connie:’85–‘92 Barbara & Jack
Allender Family – Book 2  
Allender Family – Book 3 Jack’s Business Trips
Dad’s Retirement Party Access Supporting
Documents Here

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